Unconference Undinner

In the spirit of self-organisation, I'd like suggest an Unconference Undinner at Mother India on Infirmary Street, Edinburgh on Saturday, sometime after 17:00 (or a bit later, if most people want that) when the #scotgc13 sessions have wound down.


Why Mother India? Because (a) it's one of my favourite places to eat, and (b) it is very, very good value! See the website:


If you would like to join in this informal, after-hours session, please leave a comment below, indicating your preferred time. I'll make a booking (on the restaurant's lovely online reservation system) at some point in advance , probably on the Saturday, unless there is a huge interest immediately.


If there is limited space at the restaurant when I book, it will be first come first served, by the date of your comment!


If you think this is a stupid idea (or can be improved) in any way, please say so in a comment.


Please read and comment on all the other ideas in Ideascale, and vote for those you like. If something is missing, add your idea and let others comment on it.


Thank you!


PS: We can decide how to split the bill and pay at the time we meet - it's basically "pay for your own dinner"!


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